Antonia Economou was born in Athens in 1995. She is a choreographer, director and performer.

After studying dance and choreography at London Studio Centre (BA HONS Degree) she returned to Athens. After finishing her degree in History of Art (BA Hons Degree, American College of Greece), she established a close academic relationship with the discipline, and it constitutes her primary source of inspiration for creating images on stage. She is the founder, executive producer and artistic director at ERGO Collective. ERGO Collective (Non-profit Organisation) was founded in September 2017 and it is a creative platform founded on the premise of collective creation of meanings and collaborative processes between artists in Athens and abroad. Through ERGO, Antonia finds a way to develop her artistic process as a director in an open field, not limited in the theatre space, as it extends in the Visual Art practices. Her works created and performed in Athens between 2017-2019 include: CORPO, TO THE ABYSS, HOLY FATHER (2017, Contemporary Theatre of Athens), PiETA (2018, Roes Theatre) and PiETA II (2019, Alternative Stage, Greek National Opera, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre). Her study during these years to create the aforementioned works was focused around the vivid images and narrative in Dante Alighieri's Trilogy and later around the form and body in Michelandelo Buonarroti's artistic practice (poems, painting, sculpture and architecture).

In 2020, the full lockdown interrupted the materialization of her piece ATITLON figure n.3, a figurative allegory of the universal imperative of man to create through the body, which is designed to take place in 2022. Her piece, Composition for six bodies was conceived during the pandemic and performed in July 2020 in Athens (Amaxostasio, Papagou Festival, archaeological space of Plato's Academia). The piece acquired a digital dimension as a short film titled
COMPOSITION: snakes for her, about a woman and her dreams at night that merge with reality and make it unstable. The film is currently distributed in film festivals in Athens and on an international level (Best experimental film at Berlin Indie Film Festival / Official Selection at Los Angeles Experimental, Dance & Music festival, Finalist at
Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival, Official Selection at enCore: Dance on Film 2021, Selection at Athens Video Dance Project)

In 2021, she started with her group of dancers the continuous experiment THIS IS A SPACE with the digital work Phase 0 as the first presentation of findings from the experiment.
The group is now in phase one in preparation of the work Dear absence, farewell which will be presented as a live performance in 2021. In an attempt to reproach the findings of phase 0 as raw material. In their dance theatre workshop, their goal is for the final form, through which the findings of each phase are presented to the audience, to be motivated by and constructed according to the needs of their research and their creative processes. Thus, each phase can be expressed through different media and approaches. Their meetings attempt to redefine the limits of a dance company since they first serve a continuous process and research and in a later stage they express their findings in an end result. In parallel with the work of the company, Antonia works in the Athenian theatre scene as a movement curator and consultant.



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