Antonia Economou is a choreographer, artistic director and performer. She was born in Athens in 1995. Antonia creates material through an ongoing process with dancers and artists in the form of long term workshops. As an History of Art graduate (BA Hons Degree), she has elaborated a close academic relationship with the discipline. Art History currently constitutes her primary source of inspiration for creating images on stage. Antonia is also the artistic director and curator in most of the pieces that she conceptualizes and presents.
She is the founder, executive producer and artistic director at ΕRGO Collective. ERGO Collective (Non-profit Organisation) was initiated in September 2017 and it is a creative platform founded on the premise of collaboration. ERGO approaches collective creativity as a mode of encouraging dialogue and triggering stimulating ideas on the critique and collapse of borders between Art’s disciplines. Thus, Antonia finds a way to develop her artistic process as a director in an open field, not limited in the theatre space, as it extends in the Visual Art practices.
Her latest piece, PiETA II was presented on April 2019 in the Alternative Stage of the Greek National Opera at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre, for charity purposes (Association of Friends of Children with cancer, Elpida). PiETA II is a revised, reworked and revisited version of her previous piece PiETA with newly elaborated images and original music compositions. Inspired by Michelangelo’s artistic practice and approach around the human body in painting, drawing, sculpture, poetry and architecture. The PiETA was originally presented by Antonia at the Roes Theatre in May 2018.
She is currently in the process of creating a new piece, Atitlon- Figure n.3 which will take place in 2020. Constantine Skourlis writes the original music for this production, in which he creates an array of his own compositions and pieces by Antonio Vivaldi that merge into a clash of contemporary and early music. 


Fragments of improvised events


Video Portrait I


Improvisation Study I


Improvisation Study II | Jesus Blood never failed me yet - Gavin Bryars, Tom Waits