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Holy Father (2018) - Showreel

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The last part of the CORPO | TO THE ABYSS | HOLY FATHER trilogy
by Antonia Economou

In the Contemporary Theatre of Athens
Inspired by Dante Alighieri's "Paradise"

[Beatrice]: "All things, among themselves, possess an order; and this order is the form that makes the universe like God….”
Dante Alighieri, Canto I. 103-114. Paradiso, Divina Commedia

The ascent of the souls to Heaven. Light. Eternal and internal power. Dante Alighieri’s Paradiso, the third realm of the Divine Comedy, consists of the Seven Heavens which are planets in space. The Moon. Mars. Saturn. Venus. The Sun. In each planet a story is told, and a narrative unfolds. Angels. Everyone equally receives and feels, the love of God. The house of God has a lot of rooms. A space of absolute perfection. A journey against gravity. Where is our Holy Father? He is out of space and time. He is everywhere, in everyone but in the end, He is nowhere to be found. And there comes Beatrice. An idea of beauty. Dante is now the audience, guided by his beloved Beatrice, in a galactic journey encountering energy. Hovering. Those who deserved the reward of Heaven always acted righteously and properly in life. The souls encountered in Paradiso are mere manifestations of the true essence and idea of their spirits. What about now? Well, now…Nothing.


Artistic Director | Choreographer:
Antonia Economou

Musical Dramaturgy | Composition:
George Kravvaritis

Executive Producer:
Antonia Economou


Material devised and performed by:
Maria Stefanidou
Alex Gotch
Alexis Edman
Dimitris Tsikouras
Xenia Tampourlou
Christina Gazi
Christos Santa Maria
Sophia Kourtesi
Marianna Lazari
Gianna Alamanou
Pavlos Likoudis
Konstantinos Katsoudas
Panagiotis Politis

Live Music:
Sotiris Tsolis (Drums)
Panagiotis Raptis (Alto Saxophone)
Leonidas Sarantopoulos (flute)
Labros Papanikolaou (Double Bass)
Stavros Parginos (Cello)

Light Design:
Antonia Economou

Stage design:
Giannis Theodorakis

Antonia Economou

Evangelos Karalis

With the support of the NEON Foundation

Performance Dates:
Wednesday 31 January
Thursday 1 February
Wednesday 7 February
Thursday 8 February