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Press release:


Online premiere on Youtube

P.S.: Phase 0 is the first expression of a continuous experiment taking place in the dance theatre workshop conducted by this group of performers. In parallel with their repertoire work, their vision is to rework, expand and research on one piece which is elaborated gradually through the years and through different perspectives. The piece will always remain under construction of which the stages will unfold in phases. Each phase is a momentum, a manifestation, a climax of their ongoing experiment.

The unchangeable core, are the individuals taking part in the experiment and their languages of expression, born and elaborated in the workshop. This core is re-approached and manipulated anew in each phase by external collaborators and disciplines in order for each phase to be presented each time through new forms and different media.

A never-ending staircase with its steps exposed.

The outcome of Phase 0 is a performance elaborated through digital means. A film. The decision of creating a digital work arose, not from the contemporary requirements to perform online but from the dramaturgical necessities and ends of the piece to become complete through digital means and tools. It will be realized and structured for the ERGO Collective space in Athens where the workshop currently unfolds.

The leading tendency of the experiment is the feature of continuous exhaustion and transformation of an initial finding or a raw material.

In Phase 0 the core is approached through sound (Giorgos Kravvaritis) interacting live with the performance and through costume design/ construct (Christina Christodoulou - It’s a shirt) as a crucial aspect of the performative body.

THIS IS A SPACE: PHASE 0 is a collage of stories and characters juxtaposed one against the other in the space where they expose their small society of misfits. Each character emerges from one’s own microcosm in an attempt to defend their truths. This piece becomes an open window to their realities.

Each corner and point of this space acquire a history, function as memories, and signify a topos for the performers. Victims of the same condition, that of being human, the performers create a mosaic of narratives and circumstances.

In the space:
XENIA TABOURLOU the lady who awaits
XENIA STATHOULI an agent provocateur
PAVLOS LYKOUDIS an innocent carrier of death
ELINA DEMIRTZIOGLOU the king that cannot be king
ANTONIA ECONOMOU a chameleon dying repeatedly out of excruciating sadness
DANAE MORFONIOU the dance teacher with tendencies to dichotomize the self
STELLA PAGIATI Mrs. Moody defying gravity
KONSTANTINOS KATSOUDAS the blind man that saw the light but it was toxic


Concept/Direction/Choreography/Art Direction:
Antonia Economou


Giorgos Kravvaritis

Assistant Choreographer:
Xenia Tabourlou

Costume Designer:

Christina Christodoulou

Visual Material/Documentation:

Zoe Kravvariti

Light Curation:

Klaus Shehaj


Antonia Economou

John Nelson Eskioglou


John Nelson Eskioglou

Klaus Shehaj


Zoe Kravvariti


Ergo Collective

Film/polaroid documentation:
Artemis Galati